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Producer Manual

2017 CQA Update
- 2017 CQA Updated Material
- Marketing and Transport
- Swine Movement Document


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2017 CQA Updated Material
2013 CQA® Update Materials
2007 CQA® Update Materials
2005 CQA® Update Materials Version 2.1
Canadian Food Inspection Agency On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program
Pre-Validation Checklist
Verification Procedures
Registration, Appeals and Audits Version 2.1
Title Page
What's New in 2007?
Table of Contents

CQA® On-farm Quality Assessment Form

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Introduction to the CQA® Program
| Staff Responsibilities
| Animals Entering the Production Units Version 2.1
| Water, Feed and Ingredients Entering the Production Unit
| Bedding
| The Handling of Medicated Feed
| Needles and Injection Techniques
| Minor Surgeries
| Medicated Water
| Medication and Vaccine Usage
| Barbecue and Lightweight Hogs
| Sanitation and Building Design
| Biosecurity
| Marketing and Transport
| Personnel Training


|      Swine Mouvement
| Rations Used on Farm
| Feed Mixing and Sequencing Record
| Medication & Vaccine Usage Plan on Farm
| Pen or Individual Treatment Records for All Pigs Beyond the Weaning Phase
| Corrective Action Form
| CQA® Corrective Action Form
| CQA® Verification Record

CQA® Producer Manual
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A. Background to the Program’s Development
B. How to Make Use of This Producer Manual
C. The Main Food Hazards
D. Good Production Practices
D1. Purchasing Version 2.1
D2. Animal Handling
D3. Sanitation and Building Design
D4. Medical Supplies: Use and Storage
D5. Feed Handling
D6. Biosecurity
D7. Water
D8. Shipping, Marketing and Transport
D9. Personnel Training
D10. Deviation and Notification
AppendixCompendium of Veterinary Products

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