Additional Resources

National Program


  • Le Transport des animaux fragilises: Evaluation des animaux a risqué
  • Arbre de decision: Transport des animaux fragilises
  • Euthanasie des porc a la ferme : Les options du producteur
  • Plan d’Action sur l’euthanasie


  • Caring for Compromised Pigs: Assessment Animals at Risk
  • Should this pig be transported? (Decision tree)
  • Cold and warm weather loading charts for transporters
  • On-farm Euthanasia of Swine – Options for the Producer
  • On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine – Action Plan


  • How pigs are raised
  • Pigs in Transit
  • Humane Handling and Euthanasia of Swine: Standards for the care of unfit animals (and poster)


  • Humane Handling of Swine: Standards for the Care of Unfit Animals
  • Humane Handling of Swine – poster
  • Hog Handling and Training course

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