What is the Animal Care Assessment program?

The Animal Care Assessment (ACA™) program is a way for you to ‘say what you do, do what you say and prove it.’

When it comes to livestock husbandry, Canada’s pork producers are among the best. Herd health and performance records prove it. The ACA provides a step-by-step guide for producers to complete a welfare assessment for their farm that can then be used to monitor, manage and document animal husbandry practices. It provides producers with a means to promote and demonstrate responsible pork production. And it is validated by an outside party – a tremendous asset when it comes to marketing Canadian pork.

While the Canadian Quality Assurance manual CQA® addresses food safety protocols, the ACA™ guide focuses on animal care practices. The program components were developed by experts and the program is administered by the Canadian Pork Council and delivered by provincial CQA delivery agents.

To be registered with CQA, requirements from the CQA manual and the Animal Care Assessment must be met.

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